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Help your mortgagees make their homes more energy-efficient, future-proof your portfolio, and increase your lending balance and customer loyalty.

Additional borrowing on an existing mortgage is the ideal way for homeowners to fund green home improvements, spreading the cost over a long period, and providing the lowest cost of financing for most people. But the process tends to be slow, cumbersome, and not top of mind.

Add To My Mortgage’s digital platform connects green vendors, homeowners and their mortgage lenders, to facilitate quick and simple application, at the point of sale.
Future Proof

Green measures future-proof properties for Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, helping to ensure their ongoing rental appeal and saleability.


With no upfront cost and affordable monthly payments, existing mortgages make green home improvements accessible to more homeowners.


By spreading the cost over a longer term, customers benefit from energy efficiency savings and improved comfort, while they pay.


A single integration is all it takes for vetted green vendors to offer customers Add To My Mortgage as an alternative financing option, at the point of sale.

How it works

Add To My Mortgage helps lenders understand and mitigate their portfolio risk, add value for their customers, and grow their profits through increased book size.

We monitor the energy efficiency rating of your portfolio properties to identify those at risk of falling below Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.
In partnership with the trusted and vetted green vendors on our platform, we provide appropriate solutions for landlords and owner-occupied properties.
Our digital platform enables homeowners to easily draw down on their existing mortgage to pay for green home improvements - helping to increase your book size.

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